Condom Review: Trustex Dual Color Orange & Black

Want to say, “Happy Halloween,” with your peen? Impress your boo by dressing up your D in the spirit of the season with the Trustex Dual Color Orange & Black condom!

Must-Have Hauntingly-Hot Halloween Wares

Heads up, all you Halloween-and-sex-loving folks! It’s back! Ahh, the only time of year when dressing like Catwoman is universally encouraged and getting head can make you rise from the grave.

Pumpkin Spice Condoms?!

We got back from the weekend to find our inboxes exploding with inquires for a certain condom that made an appearance on Twitter this weekend.

Top 10 Safer Sex Scenes in Cinema

We all love safer sex and we all love movies, so what’s not to love about the top ten safer sex scenes in cinema?

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Buzzfeed: Condom Depot Horror Movie Spunktacular

In the spirit of Halloween, we’ve taken some of history’s most terrifying movies and made a few sick, twisted changes. Introducing the Condom Depot Horror Movie Spunktacular.

Condom Review: Night Light Glow-in-the-Dark

One of the perks of working in an office full of condoms is that I’ve managed to collect a wide assortment of rubbers. So, in the heat of the moment this past weekend, my partner grabbed, at random, the Night Light Glow In The Dark Condom from the pile and we decided to put it […]