Condoms We’d Love to Have in the USA

Many condoms made overseas are not allowed to be imported into the US. Why is that? Let’s explore some of the reasons why American residents can’t purchase certain condoms and discuss the condoms we’d love to have here in the States.

Staying Safer While Polyamorous

Is it possible to stay safer while in a polyamorous relationship? Why, yes. Yes it is.

Q: Which condoms are best for smaller penises?

Q: Which condoms are best for smaller penises?

Q: Is my condom too big or too small?

Q: My boyfriend’s endowment is below average in both length and girth. I purchased a variety pack of “snugger fit” condoms but the two different brands we’ve tried cannot roll all the way to the base of his penis and stay there…

Cuckolding and Condoms

In the spirit of the fast approaching FetCon 2014 in Tampa this weekend, there is no better time explore what cuckolding is, and to reexamine the role in which condoms play in the cuckholding lifestyle.

Reader Questions February 2016 Part Deux

Valentine’s Day fades away and we herald in the salty, sandy, sexy Spring Break season with part two of our reader questions from February 2016.