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Smaller Penis Sex Techniques

Just because you or your partner isn’t hung like a horse, this is no excuse to have a mundane or unsatisfactory roll in the hay on Valentine’s Day. Here are some great sex techniques for those with a smaller penis.

Alcohol and Erections

Did you just down a Patron margarita on the rocks, chug a craft stout, shoot some double Jameson neat and chase it all with down a numbing blur of Mind Erasers?

The Art of Edging

Unsure of what edging is, or how to incorporate edging into your sex life?

Unexpected Erogenous Zones

When it comes to erogenous zones, the usual suspects are pretty obvious, but there are some really unexpected erogenous zones on our bodies, some of which can quickly heat things up in the bedroom.

Phimosis and Condoms

Phimosis is a medical condition in which the foreskin is unable to retract over the head of the penis, and this can make it difficult to have safer sex.

What is Stealthing?

Stealthing is a form of sneakily compromising, tampering with or removing a condom, and to our dismay, it is a practice that is gaining in popularity.

“What is THAT?”- Finding False Flags after Fornicating (NSFW)

The post-casual hookup high can lead to strutting, glowing, giggling, high fives and winking, but all this celebratory behavior can quickly dissipate when you look down at your crotch and see something mysterious, which wasn’t there prior to intercourse.

Testicular Vasocongestion a.k.a. Blue Balls

When it comes to boobgasms and sex flush, we’ve already discussed vasocongestion. But what’s the deal with vasocongestion of the testicles–more commonly known as blue balls?

Contraception Methods: A Complete Guide

While condoms are a fast and easy contraceptive tool, there are others out there that you may want to know more about. Condom Depot’s staff of Safer Sexperts have compiled all of our hormonal contraception articles in one easy to find place to help you make an educated decision on what methods you want to use.

Post Coital Tristesse (PCT)

After sex sadness and post orgasmic crying are symptoms of post coital tristesse (PCT).