Learn about STDs/STIs at The Condom Depot Learning Center.

Condoms are your best bet at protecting against harmful sexually transmitted infections and diseases. Think you might have caught something or want to know how to avoid a particular STD? Then this section is for you. We cover all the STDs/STIs, even some you may never have heard of.

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STD and STI Article Hub

April fooled into unsafe sex? Wondering what you’re up against? Never fear, for all the vital information you need is right here. Introducing The Condom Depot Learning Center’s brand spanking new, all-inclusive STD and STI Article Hub!

Oral Sex Safety Week Article Hub

OK, OK, so the highly coveted pumpkin spice–flavored condoms turned out to be a joke, but participating in oral sex without a protective barrier is no laughing matter. Therefore, in honor of our first annual #OralSexSafetyWeek, we created a one-stop shop for oral sex information– this Oral Sex Safety Week Article Hub! 

The Trick to Avoiding Trichomoniasis (Trich)- A Parasitic STD

Most of us already know how to steer clear of sexually transmitted bacteria and viruses, but what about protecting your genitals from becoming infested with thousands of parasites? You may joke about having ants in your pants but trichomoniasis, a.k.a. trich, is all too real.

Q: Why is There Blood in My Semen?

A: Ejaculating blood-tinged semen is simply the body’s way of saying something is wrong.

What is Breakthrough Bleeding?

From time to time, women can experience vaginal discharge tinged with blood, even when Aunt Flo isn’t in town. This somewhat confusing occurrence is known as breakthrough bleeding or BB. What is this and why does it happen?

The Vital Facts about Cytomegalovirus

Cytomegalovirus, or CMV, is an asymptomatic virus in the human herpes virus family.

The 7 STDs You Can Catch From Oral Sex

Hi ho! Oh no. It’s to the clinic we go. Despite our sex smarts, it’s amazing how many of us are still completely unaware of the major risks unprotected oral sex. Here is a list of 7 STDs you can catch from oral sex.

Parasites and Staying Safer

Parasites don’t just exist in the third world. And, you don’t have to be bitten by a mosquito to get them.

Shigella: The Real Risk of Rimming

Mmm… rimjobs. Am I right? But, did you know participating in unprotected anilingus can result in retching? Really. Read on to learn how to avoid shigella, the anus-to-oral transmittable STI.

Scared of Sex: When Safety Isn’t Enough

Paranoia will destroy ya. Just ask my growing sense of sexual frustration and my seriously nubby fingernails. At times, I’ve even become so scared of the possible outcomes of having sex, being safer simply isn’t enough reassurance. In turn, this sexually-induced anxiety made me turn to extended periods of intentional abstinence.