Learn about STDs/STIs at The Condom Depot Learning Center.

Condoms are your best bet at protecting against harmful sexually transmitted infections and diseases. Think you might have caught something or want to know how to avoid a particular STD? Then this section is for you. We cover all the STDs/STIs, even some you may never have heard of.

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New Relationships: What to Do While Waiting for STD Results

When you’re starting a new sexual relationship, and waiting for STD test results to come back, it can be hard to keep your cool.

Vasectomies and Condoms

Male contraception is a hot topic in male rights community, especially with Vasalgel being in the testing stages this year. But, until it’s approved, men still have less options when it comes to contraception than women do. For this reason, vasectomies continue to remain a popular choice with those who do not wish to have […]

Urinary Tract Infections

Were you ever told to pee immediately after sex? There’s a reason for that.

Can Herpes Cause Alzheimer’s?

Can the herpes simplex virus REALLY cause Alzheimer’s disease?

Gonorrhea a.k.a. The Clap

While gonorrhea is a curable STD, it often goes unnoticed, as it does not always exhibit symptoms– especially in women, and can lead to other more serious problems if it’s not treated right away.

HIV Genome Removed from Human DNA

The HIV genome has been isolated and removed from human DNA during a breakthrough scientific trial this month.

Probing the Prostate: Source of Pleasure and Problems

Whether you are comfortable incorporating the male G-Spot into your sex life or not, the male prostate (P-Spot) is a highly sensitive area of the reproductive system that can be the source of great pleasure.

Truvada: HIV Preventative in Pill Form

In July of 2012, the FDA approved an HIV treatment pill called Truvada to be taken daily by uninfected people. Truvada acts as a pre-exposure prophylaxis.

Next Gen Gardasil Shot

Hopefully, you already know about HPV, the skin-to-skin sexually transmitted virus with over 40 distinct subtypes, some of which can cause oral, anal or cervical cancer or genital warts.

“What is THAT?”- Finding False Flags after Fornicating (NSFW)

The post-casual hookup high can lead to strutting, glowing, giggling, high fives and winking, but all this celebratory behavior can quickly dissipate when you look down at your crotch and see something mysterious, which wasn’t there prior to intercourse.