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Condom Depot Hosts #SexTalkTuesday 2/4/2014

Sex Talk Tuesday is a bi-monthly Twitter chat hosted by that focuses on sex and sex positive topics. Professionals, bloggers, performers, doctors, business owners and social media junkies from all over the world participate in this lively chat, discussing sex in the bedroom, in pop culture and in our every day lives.

Adult Film Studio Has Condom Solution

We reported earlier this year about how the new condom law is slow to change things in Los Angeles, but now some companies are taking more creative approaches to dealing with the changes.

Boston Public Schools Recall Risqué Condoms

 Many school districts around the country offer free condoms to their kiddos in an initiative to support safe sex and Boston Public School District is one of those districts.

STUDY: Teen Sex And Condom Use Declines

Bad news, friends. Condom use among teens is down.

Heavy Drinking Among College Women Leading To Better Condom Use

People always get panicky  when it comes to young women and sex, but throw alcohol and drugs into the mix and you’ve got some serious, widespread hysteria going on.

Condom Depot Announces ‘Singles Week’ at the Condom Information Center

After New Years each year, it seems like you can’t go into a pharmacy or grocery store without seeing red and pink hearts. And quite frankly, for the single among us, it’s pretty gross.

Condom Depot’s Privacy Policy

We have had a lot of questions recently about our privacy policy, so here’s the low-down.

Can a Condom Hold Three Bags of Potatoes?

We love encouraging people to use condoms, and we love it when other people encourage folks to use condoms. But sometimes, we see something that just doesn’t fit right.

Sex Talk Tuesday A Success!

After our third time hosting Sex Talk Tuesday on August 19th, 2014 we’re pleased to report that it was a huge success!

STUDY: Relationships Inform Condom Usage

A recent study found that it isn’t our personal levels of safety consciousness that affect whether or not we’re having safer sex– it’s our relationships with our partners.