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STUDY: Who Has The Safest Sex?

Condom, condom, above my balls, who has the safest sex of all? The answer may surprise you.

Vasalgel Testing Encounters Minor Setback

A couple months ago, in our article about male contraception, we mentioned the Vasalgel project.  If you’ve been following the project closely, you may be excited to hear that there have been recent, exciting developments in the testing stages.

The Yuzpe Regimen

There’s a dangerous rumor going around about birth control lately– that taking an extra birth control pill will act as emergency contraception if you don’t want to use a condom. And it just isn’t true.

UPDATE: Generic Brands of Plan B Approved For All-Ages

Last April, we reported that Plan B One-Step would now be available to anyone of any age and gender.

Bad Odors Linked to Sexual Disgust

What’s the last thing any sexual educator or sexual rights crusader wants? Disgust in regards to sexual freedoms. So, how can this feeling of revulsion and offensiveness be diminished? A new scientific study suggests it’s through the use of pleasant or neutral odors.

Giant Condom Erected Over Sydney

We get a lot of prank calls from twerps asking for our biggest condoms (longest: Durex XXL; widest: Trojan Magnum XL). But how about a condom that’s over 60 feet (18 meters) long?

Sex Laws: Are Orgies Illegal?

Love orgies but hate jail cells? Then it’s time to find out what makes an orgy legal or illegal in the eyes of law.

Public vs. Private School: My Sex Ed Experience

It all started when I was six years old. I went into a public bathroom with my mother and saw her purchase a product from what I now know of is a tampon machine. I made the mistake of asking if I, too, could have a candy bar, and my very, very open mother decided this […]

Sitting & Knitting with Vaginal Soaked Wool

We’ve covered condoms in fine art, but what about the vagina’s role in the wooly world of performance art knitting?

Condom Cookbook Combats HIV in Japan

When they aren’t too busy producing the world’s thinnest condoms (and fighting over it), the Japanese are very busy not using condoms.