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Hook-Up Truck: A Safer Sex Art Piece

Need a place to get busy on the go? If you’re in San Francisco, you may be in luck.

Why Can’t Men Buy Emergency Contraception?

They can. That’s right. It’s perfectly legal for men (and boys, and trans men, and genderfluid folks) of any age, race, or creed to purchase emergency contraception over the counter. In fact, in the United States, it’s perfectly legal for anyone to purchase Plan B One-Step or the generic form from a pharmacy without a […]

Intravaginal Ring Ready for Market

Hear ye, hear ye! A brand new intravaginal ring has been in development by scientists at Northwestern University and the announcement earlier this month has caused quite the stir.

STUDY: Teen Sex And Condom Use Declines

Bad news, friends. Condom use among teens is down.

Teen Pregnancy Rates… Dropping?

Teen pregnancy rates are… dropping? Don’t adjust your monitor– you’re seeing that clearly.

Depression and Sex Drive

While some people fall into depression due to a lack of sex, others find that being depressed decreases their sex drive, which results in them having less frequent or less enjoyable sex. Now that’s depressing.

Hitachi Magic Wand Name Change

In the wake of the other product changes we have listed lately, we thought it would be important to highlight a major change with one of our biggest, most well-loved products: the Hitachi Magic Wand.

How Obesity Impacts Sex

Struggling against obesity isn’t all about dodging heart attacks and counting calories, it’s also about improving the quality and frequency of your sex life.

Sex, Porn and Masturbation Addiction

The human libido is a force of nature that few can reckon with. So, it’s no surprise that we can take good things, like sex, masturbation and porn and go too far with them, to the point of addiction.

What Constitutes a Micropenis?

Everyone has heard the term micropenis. But what defines a penis as being such, what causes them and how can men with a micropenis have a safer and more satisfying sex life?