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Church Hands Out Fake Condoms at Pride Parade

Residents from North Dakota, USA and Edmonton, Canada were shocked to discover that members of their community infiltrated the Vancouver Gay Pride parade earlier this month, under the ruse of supporting gays, when in actuality they are a part of a conservative evangelical Christian group who are adamantly anti-gay.

Condom Depot Announces Inaugural Oral Sex Safety Week

Condom Depot is pleased to announce the celebration of their inaugural Oral Sex Safety Week.

AIDS Healthcare Foundation Promotes International Condom Day

Celebrated annually on February 13th, so as to be in conjunction with Valentine’s Day, 2015’s International Condom Day is being promoted worldwide today by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation through their Condoms are Cool campaign.

The Condom Depot Learning Center Publishes 900th Article

The Condom Depot Learning Center is proud to announce the publication of their 900th sex education article.