Get the latest STD/STI news at The Condom Depot Learning Center!

Get the latest STD/STI news at The Condom Depot Learning Center!
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Hooray! Herpes Vaccines Are Underway!

Combining herpes with a toxic bacteria and injecting it into your body sounds like a terrible idea, right? At first, absolutely. But surprisingly, this seemingly horrific combination may be exactly what all us sex loving folks have been waiting for, the key to a herpes-free future in the form of a preventative vaccine.

Can Herpes Cause Alzheimer’s?

Can the herpes simplex virus REALLY cause Alzheimer’s disease?

New Evidence Suggests Lyme Disease is a STD

A study presented in 2014 by The Journal of Investigative Medicine suggests that Lyme disease can be transmitted sexually.

Scrogaurd: More Harm Than Good?

In both my personal and professional life, I am a huge supporter of safer sex– and in my quest for safer sex products and information, I recently stumbled across the Scrogaurd.

HIV Genome Removed from Human DNA

The HIV genome has been isolated and removed from human DNA during a breakthrough scientific trial this month.

Truvada: HIV Preventative in Pill Form

In July of 2012, the FDA approved an HIV treatment pill called Truvada to be taken daily by uninfected people. Truvada acts as a pre-exposure prophylaxis.

Tindr Pulls Fake Profiles That Encourage Condom Use

Earlier this year, the Brazilian Ministry of Health took a stand against the rapid spread of infection through hook-up culture.

Shigella: The Real Risk of Rimming

Mmm… rimjobs. Am I right? But, did you know participating in unprotected anilingus can result in retching? Really. Read on to learn how to avoid shigella, the anus-to-oral transmittable STI.

Study: Protected Anal Sex Accounts for 51% of New HIV Cases

A new study has been published that reveals what we’ve all known all along: improper condom use can lead to dire consequences.

Next Gen Gardasil Shot

Hopefully, you already know about HPV, the skin-to-skin sexually transmitted virus with over 40 distinct subtypes, some of which can cause oral, anal or cervical cancer or genital warts.