Safer Sexperts from The Condom Depot Learning Center review personal lubricants.

Personal lubricant reviews from the Safer Sexperts at The Condom Depot Learning Center.

Lube Review: Wet Together

Everyone at Condom Depot loves Wet, except me, so I wasn’t expecting to enjoy these two lubes so much– but clearly, everything’s better when you’re Wet Together!

Lube Review: WET Gellee

WET has the best bottles. Seriously, their WET Gellee bottle looks like some Bath and Body Works magic up in here. I was excited to try it from the moment I got it on my desk. The lid was even sparkly. Sparkly!

Lube Review: Liquid Silk

**Notice: this product is not currently available.** I’ve been touting Liquid Silk left and right for ages, and the reality is, I love this stuff.

Lube Review: ID Pleasure

ID Pleasure Lubricant is the only warming/cooling product from the ID brand. The bottle states that tingling sensations are to be expected during the use of this lube. Having had less than desirable effects from other warming/cooling products in the past (I’m talking you you, Trojan Fire & Ice), I was slightly hesitant to apply this […]

Lube Review: Probe Light

I’ll admit, I was kind of reluctant to try Probe Light. I’ve never had any experience with Probe lubricants and I’ll be honest, the label on the bottle looked like it was homemade at first.

Lube Review: WET Wow

This clitoral arousal gel from WET is sure packed a whole lot of WOW. But not all of it was the WOW you’re expecting.

Lube Review: Pjur BackDoor Anal Glide and Comfort Spray

Does the idea of anal play make you all clenched up? It’s okay. Breathe in. Breathe out. We have finally found reliable, condom-safe, and affordable solutions for this problem–Pjur BackDoor Relaxing Anal Glide and Comfort Spray. So, loosen yourself up, and read on.

Lube Review: Wet Synergy

Lubricant connoisseurs know that water based and silicone based lubes each have their  own unique advantages and disadvantages in the bedroom. But what if there was a lube out there that offered both?

Lube Review: Wet Warming Gel

It’s time to heat up the night with our review the Wet Warming Gel lubricant.

Lube Review: Pjur Woman Body Glide

Pjur Woman Body Glide is a fantastic all-in-one moisturizer and lubricant formulated with a woman in mind.