Q: What Are the Best Condoms for Oral Sex?

Q: What Are the Best Condoms for Oral Sex?

A: We recommend flavored condoms or dental dams as the best condoms for oral sex.

What are Flavored Condoms?

Flavored condoms come in so many flavors, it’s almost like taking a trip to your local ice cream shop.  Grape, banana, mint, cola, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, and every Slurpee flavor you can imagine is probably available in the form of a flavored condom.

Major brands like Lifestyles, Trustex and Durex all carry excellent flavored choices, and Condom Depot even carries sample variety packs so you can find the perfect flavor for your palate.

Our favorite flavored condoms?

Condom Depot suggests the leader in flavored condoms, Trustex, when shopping for protection to be used during oral sex. Trustex, measuring 7.5” long and 1.75” wide, offers flavors like mint, strawberry, banana, vanilla and chocolate.

What’s even better, for those who find lubrication during oral sex displeasing, Trustex offers the same flavors in a non lubricated form. Not to mention, they even come in an extra strength flavored variety, for those looking for more peace of mind.

What Are Dental Dams?

Dental dams are a safer sex tool that have increased in popularity in recent years, especially among the LGBT community. These medical devices are  like a latex condom but used to protect your mouth instead. A dental dam is a small sheet of rectangular latex that acts as a protective barrier between your mouth and the vagina or anus.

Dental dams acquired their name through the field of dentistry, by their application by dentists to a patient’s mouth during procedures for dental fillings and root canals. They were used to isolate the tooth being treated from bacteria in the oral cavity.

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