Condom Size Chart

The Condom Depot Learning Center knows it’s hard to find a perfectly sized condom that’ll fit you when you’re hard. So we devised an awesome chart that displays our condoms’ measurements.

Condom Depot's Size Chart

The condom size (e.g. how well it fits) plays a huge role in the condom’s effectiveness. If a condom is too large, it could come off during intercourse while condoms that are too small could break. If a condom is not long enough to cover the entire penis, bodily fluids could be transferred to your partner. All these scenarios would decrease your level of protection.

condom size chart and measuring tape

Using the proper condom size also ensures the highest level of comfort, which is OH so important during any trip to pleasure town. It’s not just the length of the penis to consider but also the girth. Well-endowed men, especially those who are thicker than average, are typically the ones who experience the most discomfort during sexual activity due to the ring or “head” of the condom being too snug.

Condoms in this chart are listed from shortest to longest length. The width calculation our condom size chart refers to the unstretched nominal width.* You can get this by measuring the circumference around your penis and then dividing it by 2. Or, just skip all the math and measure all the way around the base of the erect shaft and this is your circumference.

Find Your Ideal Condom with our Condom  Size Chart

A Complete Condom Sizing and Buying Guide By Condom Depot


Condom Name

Imperial (in.)

Metric (mm)









TrustexMint Non Lubricated6.871.2724174.4932.2650.8101.6
FC2Female Condom6.871.832.875.74174.4946.4873.02146.04
FantasyRainbow Colors7.51.191.873.74190.530.2247.6395
KimonoMicroThin Large7.51.191.873.74190.530.2247.6395
KimonoMicroThin Ultra Lube7.51.191.873.74190.530.2247.6395
TrojanBareSkin Studded7.51.352.124.24190.534.2953.8107.7
DurexAvanti Bare Latex7.621.191.873.74193.5430.2247.6395
LifestylesTHYN UltraGlide7.621.191.873.74193.5430.2247.6395
TrustexMint Lubricated7.621.191.873.74193.5430.2250.8101.6
DurexHigh Sensation7.621.2724193.5432.2650.8101.6
TrojanENZ Non Lubricated7.621.2724193.5432.2650.8101.6
TrustexNon Lubricated7.621.2724193.5432.2650.8101.6
Caution WearIron Grip7.751.111.753.5196.8528.1944.4588.9
DurexExtra Sensitive Ribbed7.751.231.943.88196.8531.2449.2198.6
DurexExtra Sensitive7.751.231.943.88196.8531.2449.2198.6
DurexReal Feel7.751.231.943.88196.8531.2449.2198.6
OkamotoZero Zero Four (004)7.751.231.943.88196.8531.2449.2198.6
TrojanBare Skin7.751.2724196.8532.2650.8101.6
LifestylesSnugger Fit7.871.141.83.6199.8928.9547.6391.44
LifestylesUltra Sensitive7.871.141.83.6199.8928.9547.6391.44
ImpulseSweet Indulgence Flavors7.871.191.873.74199.8930.2247.6395
DurexExtra Strength7.871.191.873.74199.8930.2247.6395
KimonoRainbow Colors7.871.191.873.74199.8930.2247.6395
TrustexChocolate Flavored7.871.191.873.74199.8930.2247.6395
Beyond SevenSheerlon7.871.191.873.74199.8930.2247.6395
LifeStylesSKYN Extra Lubricated7.871.121.93.8199.8928.4549.2198.6
LifestylesUltra Lubricated7.871.121.93.8199.8928.4549.2198.6
ContempoWet n Wild7.871.231.933.8199.8931.2449.2198.6
TrojanUltra Thin w/ Spermicide7.871.2724199.8932.2650.8101.6
Beyond SevenStudded7.871.2724199.8932.2650.8101.6
Beyond SevenAloe7.871.2724199.8932.2650.8101.6
TrojanClass Act7.871.2724199.8932.2650.8101.6
DurexEnhanced Pleasure7.871.2724199.8932.2650.8101.6
ImpulseBare Pleasure7.871.2724199.8932.2650.8101.6
LifestylesKyng Ribbed7.871.2724199.8932.2650.8101.6
LifestylesPleasure Shaped7.871.2724199.8932.2650.8101.6
LifestylesSKYN Intense Feel7.871.2724199.8932.2650.8101.6
LifestylesExtra Strength7.871.2724199.8932.2650.8101.6
LifestylesKYNG Blue7.871.2724199.8932.2650.8101.6
LifestylesKYNG Gold7.871.2724199.8932.2650.8101.6
TrustexAssorted Colors7.871.2724199.8932.2650.8101.6
LifestylesKing Size XL7.871.2724199.8932.2653.8107.7
LifestylesSKYN Elite7.871.2724199.8932.2653.8107.7
LifestylesSKYN Extra Studded7.871.2724199.8932.2653.8107.7
TrojanDouble Ecstasy7.871.352.124.24199.8934.2953.8107.7
TrojanEnz w/ Spermicide7.871.352.124.24199.8934.2953.8107.7
TrustexExtra Strength Vanilla7.871.352.124.24199.8934.2953.8107.7
LifeStylesUltra Lube Plus81.111.753.5203.228.1944.4588.9
ImpulsePlum Crazy81.191.873.74203.230.2247.6395
ImpulseMidnight Orchid81.191.873.74203.248.5147.6395
CrownSkinless Skin81.231.943.88203.231.2449.2198.5
Caution WearMission 707 Studded81.2724203.232.2650.8101.6
TrustexLoves Sensitive81.2724203.232.2650.8101.6
TrojanUltra Ribbed w/ Spermicide81.2724203.232.2650.8101.6
DurexIntense Sensations81.2724203.232.2650.8101.6
ImpulseSweet Indulgence: Chocolate81.2724203.232.2650.8101.6
LifestylesTuxedo (Black)81.2724203.232.2650.8101.6
LifestylesUltra Thin81.2724203.232.2650.8101.6
LifestylesEverlast Intense81.2724203.232.2650.8101.6
LifestylesBlack Label81.2724203.232.2650.8101.6
TrojanUltra Thin81.2724203.232.2650.8101.6
DurexNatural Feeling81.352.124.24203.234.2953.8107.96
TrojanHer Pleasure w/ Spermicide81.352.124.24203.234.2953.8107.96
TrojanExtended Pleasure81.352.124.24203.234.2953.8107.96
TrojanBareskin Non-Latex Supra81.352.124.24203.234.2953.8107.96
Caution WearCAMOX PPE8.121.191.873.74206.2448.5147.6395
Caution WearClassic8.
LifeStylesTHINZ Extreme8.
ContempoRough Rider Studded8.121.241.943.88206.2431.4949.2198.5
Caution WearBlack Ice8.121.241.943.88206.2431.4949.2198.5
Caution WearMission 7018.121.2724206.2432.2650.8101.6
FantasyAssorted Flavors 8.121.2724206.2432.2650.8101.6
TrojanTwisted Pleasure8.121.2724206.2432.2650.8101.6
TrojanUltra Ribbed8.121.2724206.2432.2650.8101.6
TrustexExtra Strength8.121.2724206.2432.2650.8101.6
TrustexDual Color8.121.2724206.2432.2650.8101.6
TrojanMagnum Ecstasy8.121.352.124.24206.2434.2953.8107.96
TrojanHer Pleasure Ecstasy8.121.352.124.24206.2434.2953.8107.96
TrojanIntense Ribbed8.121.352.124.24206.2434.2953.8107.96
DurexPerformax Intense8.121.352.124.24206.2434.2953.8107.96
TrojanMagnum Ribbed8.121.432.254.5206.2436.3257.15114.3
TrojanMagnum Thin8.121.432.254.5206.2436.3257.15114.3
ImpulsePale Rider8.251.191.873.74209.5548.5147.6395
Caution WearWild Rose8.251.2724209.5532.2650.8101.6
KimonoMAXX Flared Large8.251.2724209.5532.2650.8101.6
TrustexRibbed & Studded8.251.2724209.5532.2650.8101.6
LifestylesFun Bumps8.251.2724209.5532.2650.8101.6
TrojanUltra Enz Comfort8.
DurexRainbow Colors8.251.352.124.24209.5534.2953.8107.96
TrojanStimulations Ribbed Ecstasy8.251.352.124.24209.5534.2953.8107.96
TrojanPure Ecstasy8.251.352.124.24209.5534.2953.8107.96
TrojanHer Pleasure Sensations8.251.352.124.24209.5534.2953.8107.96
TrojanIntense Ribbed8.251.352.124.24209.5534.2953.8107.96
TrojanFire & Ice8.371.2724212.632.2650.8101.6
TrojanMagnum XL8.371.2724212.632.2650.8101.6
DurexSuper Thin8.51.2724215.932.2650.8101.6
KimonoTextured Type E8.51.2724215.932.2650.8101.6
Night LightGlow in the Dark8.51.2724215.932.2650.8101.6
TrojanMagnum Fire & Ice8.51.352.124.24215.934.2953.8107.96
TrojanHer Pleasure Warming8.51.352.124.24215.934.2953.8107.96
TrojanMagnum Armour w/ Spermicide8.51.352.124.24215.934.2953.8107.96
TrojanMagnum BareSkin8.51.432.254.5215.936.3257.15114.3
LifestylesSKYN Large8.621.2724218.9532.2650.8101.6
TrojanMagnum Warming8.621.352.124.24218.9534.2953.8107.96
TrustexExtra Large8.621.352.124.24218.9534.2953.8107.96
Caution WearGrande8.81.352.124.24223.5234.2953.8107.96
TrojanFire & Ice Ecstasy8.81.352.124.24223.5234.2953.8107.96


  1. The Width column header is notated with an asterisk but nowhere is that defined.
    I also see that the width does not agree with the manufacturers data. Might that be the reason for the asterisk? A difference in measuring technique?

    • Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention! The width* refers to the nominal width. The missing asterisk belongs to a link explaining this term.

      Condom Factory

      Our customers and staff became so frustrated by the inaccurate, absent, old and hit-or-miss condom sizes provided by the condom manufacturers themselves (most brands list a 52mm nominal width despite being smaller or larger). As condom safety experts, we know fit is essential. To combat this slew of confusing and risky condom misinformation, we had to make our own chart which we update regularly. Taking matters into our own hands, we literally quadruple check our measurements to ensure a precise report of the stock we receive directly from factories around the globe.

  2. Since the condom size is important, and since the average size in the US is 4.7″ to 6.3″ it would be great if the manufacturers made smaller product for us statistically average men!

  3. Hello Kara. Love your blogs! Ok my question is, could you please tell me what is the average mean penis length and mean circumference (whether global or in the U.S.A.)? I understand there are other websites that have answered this question but I would like to hear your opinion. To find the right condom size I took my penis girth measurement and divided it by the nominal circumference. Is my method flawed? Thank you for your time 🙂

    • A: Hi G.! Thanks so much for reading! Oh boy, the ten million dollar question– what is the average (I assume you’re referring to erect) penis size?

      I’m a stickler for scientific data and consider the source of information gathered by study groups. So far, the only penis size info I’ve been able to muster up from science journals, etc. has been self-reported measurements. Hmmm. Not exactly precise, no? Especially when you account for level of arousal, clumsy measuring, impotence/ED meds, ego, etc.

      Here is what I DO know:

      a) on average, Asian condoms are one inch less around than American condoms
      b) America’s longest condoms, the 9.25″ Durex XXL have been discontinued due to lack of sales
      c) the FDA ran consumer trials for American condoms larger than 4.5″ (unstreched circumference) and found an increase in condom failure rates due to condom slippage
      d) many, many condoms labeled as (or implying they are) large, XL, etc. are no bigger than ones without this label
      e) the average vaginal canal length maxes out at 4.9,” meaning the cervix has to ascend upwards during arousal to accommodate a longer length penis
      f) the no math method to finding your erect circumference is to use a piece of string (and then a ruler) or a cloth measuring tape and to just go all the way around as discussed in, “How-To: Correctly Measure Your Penis to Find the Perfect Condom Size.”

      • Hey thanks for the honest reply. Is the15,000 men penis study for average erect penis length also self reported? Its hard to believe it is since it stated it eliminated self reported measurements. Also as for the vagina length from entrance to cervix being 4.9inches. Is that aroused or unaroused? Again you have been a big help, and I respect what you are doing. Pretty soon I will be ordering my condoms from here. One last thing I understand you have another website which you sell erotic sex toys. I would like to buy a dildo for my gf. Can you tell me if the dildo width is half of the dildo circumference or is it the diameter meaning you divide by pie from the dildo circumference? Sorry for the big paragraph.

      • Ok to be clear about which survey I was talking about about the 15,000 men (supposedly not self reported) The average mean erect penis length is 5.16 inches or 5.21inches (around the same) (also I am assuming erect length is non bone pressed) and for erect mean penis circumference 4.59 inches. If this is true it would explain the blog that is up about” Penis size vs condom size” . Meaning the average erect circumference of 4.59 in divided by 4 in nominal condom will give it a 14% condom stretch which is within the safe 10% -20% condom stretch. Do you agree with all of the above? If not please educate me, I am always willing to learn

        1.6 in condom nominal width small/snug
        1.8 in nominal width regular
        2 in nominal width large
        2.12 nominal width extra large.

        This would also mean that according to your chart trojan magnum are actually extra large condoms. Thus proving that male ego is more common in this information age then reliazed. While Magnum XL does provide more length it doesn’t provide more girth thus making it an incomplete XL condom for those who looking for more room in the girth department as well.

        • The amount a condom can safely stretch has a lot to do with: the thickness of the material, what the material is made from, freshness of the product and the amount and type of lubrication used. In general, you should pick a condom that has a girth size which is slightly smaller than your own. Example: 4″ penis circumference? Get a condom with a 3.8″ circumference.

          If you need a condom girth breakdown, it goes like this:

          1.75″ nominal width= snugger fit
          2″ nominal width= regular fit
          2.12″ nominal width= large fit
          2.25″ nominal width= extra large fit

          To get circumference from nominal width, simply times it by two (3.5″ – 4″ – 4.24″ – 4.5″).

  4. No offence but this chart is completely useless. The most important thing is getting the right circumference but it doesn’t tell you how to convert your penis circumference to recommended condom size. If for example, my circumference is 5 inches, what condom size should I go for. A chart would be helpful.

    • As a condom distributor, we can only provide our customers with the exact measurements of the condoms we sell. Since condoms are life-saving devices, it would be irresponsible to assume and nearly impossible to determine which condoms are or are not guaranteed to fit which penis. Penis size and shape varies greatly, as do self-reported measurements during the many varied stages of erections. The weight of ejaculate also accounts for condom slippage and has nothing to do with penis size. This makes the concept of a penis to condom size conversion chart null and void.

      We always recommend a condom sampler for those who are unsure of what fits them, so that many condom styles are there to choose from. Invariably, some will suit your particular penile needs more than others, leaving you with your ideal condom through a scientific process of elimination. Due to your 5″ circumference, your best bet would be our Big Guns Sampler. However, we do offer guides on finding proper condom fit including, “First Time Purchasing Condoms: a Buyer’s Guide.”

  5. Sean McAnena says:

    Everything in the chart is too long and too narrow. Measured earlier and got 7″ along the underside by 4.7″ around but half way up. Tried again limp just now and got 3.5″ along the top and 4″ at the base. I have always been convinced I had a very small penis – what the hell is going on ? And at 45 have never successfully worn a condom. Tried for the first time in over 20 years 2 days ago and got no sensation at all might as well have just stood there squeezing it myself. At least I didn’t suffer the embarrassment of losing the erection like in previous attempts but they both did a runner when I wanted to take it off ! Fair enough the condom was more like a rubber boot which led me here looking for super sensitive ones but nothing looks like fitting.

    Imagine getting the girth correct then having 3 to 4 inches of empty condom hanging off the end 😉

    • Girth is the most important measurement. You don’t need to unroll a condom all of the way, only until it reaches the base of the penis. Extra material at the end isn’t a problem. Condoms are designed to be too long in order to catch ejaculate. Flaccid measurements don’t matter. You’ll want to take your measurements while you have an erection. I’d recommend you look for something in the Extra Large (4.5″ circumference) size range as your dimensions are above average. You’ll find all of the measurements of the condoms we sell in this chart.

  6. Are there any snug fit lamb skin condoms?

  7. fresh money says:

    Having trouble finding a good size. Im 7.7 inch 2.2 width any suggestions? magnums fit comfort wise but the not length wise

  8. Since you list circumference being the most important measurement, wouldn’t it be better for your chart to be sorted by girth first?

    • Good observation and suggestion. We are taking it into consideration. In the meantime, I suggest using the Find feature on your device (such as Command + F) to see which condoms are the right girth for you. Thanks!

  9. A person with 5,5 in circumference should get which one? I find nothing in the chart close to that.

  10. My circumference is 4.25in and the length is 5.5 what would be the suggested condom(s) that would best fit? The ones on the size chart suggest larger ones, for instance a magnum would be loose.

  11. Hi there, my wife finds the durex condoms and lubricants painful to use but Lifestyles and others have been fine. I have also struggled to find a condom that doesn’t strangle me. What brand would you suggest we use? Length 7 and circumference 5.6.

  12. Hey, british lad here, sorry if you’ve had this question before but Im struggling slightly to get the right condom, I have always used Passante King Size as they offer 200mm of length and 60mm of width, obviously you know the condom companies work out the width my squeezing the condom together and measuring that so the easiest way to work out potential circumference is to times the given width by two therefore offering a width of 120mm. The length is relatively fine, I could do with a little extra but hey ho, but the width has recently just become too tight for comfort Im not asking for loads just maybe 64mm or 65mm, just wondered what johnny you could suggest for me 🙂 Thanks

  13. Hi, hello , hiya Kara. Not sure if your still answering comments. I wanted to thank you on your contribution to informing me on the different condom sizes , sexual health related facts. Where I am from here in the city, they do not have alot of variety in local retail stores when it comes to female contraceptives. Not a problem any more bc your patience and enthusiasm has earned this website a new customer. I have been skeptical of other websites and their numbers. This website has earned my trust. Thank you and have a great weekend.

  14. im 6.5 inch long with 5inch girth at base. could you suggest a condom size? Am i supposed to look for one that is at the same circumfernce as my penis, or something smaller to make a snug fit?

    • We recommend choosing a condom that’s around 0.5″ smaller than your circumference. This allows it to grip the shaft without feeling restricted. This Magnum Thin is a great option, as is the Magnum Ribbed because they are 4.5″ around.

  15. I don’t know if this was covered in the comments, but it would be pretty helpful if the chart was alphabetical by manufacturer. To find the one I bought, it took a while to find. I see it’s arranged by length, but as I understand, most average sized people never fully unroll one,so maybe circumference is better ?. Maybe 2 charts ? as most stores I’ve been to have maybe 10 to 15 varieties and brands.
    Also, the biggest annoyance with unrolling a condom because they are so thin and clear, is unrolling it the right direction, I wonder if they’ve ever put any print etc on one so you can visually see the proper unrolling direction ?

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