Condom Depot Sponsors Spencer “The King” Fisher in UFC 99

CondomDepot is proud to sponsor Spencer “The King” Fisher at UFC 99.  This event takes place in Germany and you can cathch it on Pay Per View Saturday June 13, 2009.

CondomDepot-Sports-HI-ufc99 is proud to sponsor Spencer “The King” Fisher.  Fisher fights in the 155 lightweight division currently holding a record of 7-3 with the UFC and an overall professional record of 24-4.  Spencer is widely recognized for his quick hands, which comes from his several years of Boxing experience.   Aside from being a phenomenal stand up fighter he has a sick ground game as well.  He is known and greatly respected for his “fight-ending knees…” and “creative elbows” says’ Mickey Dubberly of KO Dynasty Management.   In addition to his boxing training he has received extensive training in Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu which helped him earn 2 of his UFC wins by way of Triangle Choke.  The first fight he won with the Triangle choke took place in Pekin, Illinois at the Silver Back Challenge where we went up against Derick Noble.   Noble fell victim of Fisher’s Triangle Choke hold and was defeated 2:00 minutes into the 1st round.  His last fight against Shannon Gugerty took place at UFC 90 and ended 3:55 seconds into the 3rd round due to his fundamentally sound Triangle Choke hold once more.  This resulted in his 7th win in the UFC.

Before Fisher teamed up with UFC he was a boxer based out of North Carolina where he conquered his way through his Heavyweight and Middleweight bouts.   Reggie Holland has been with Spencer from the beginning, in 1996, as his boxing coach, helping him bring what he learned from the ring and transition into the cage.
Spencer has worked hard for his deserving accomplishments as he has spent time in Thailand training at the Fairtex Training Camp.  He has trained with some of the best including Multi Time World Champion Muay Thai Fighter Coban Lookchaomaesaitong.  He is currently training with 2 boxing coaches, Reggie Holland and Jeremy Williams.  He also has been studying and practicing with Robson Moura who is the #1 Bantam Weight Jiu-Jitsu practitioner in the world!
Fisher has not only achieved respect in the cage but also as a family man.  He is married to Emily Fisher, who is also an MMA fighter holding a professional record of 3-1.  They have three daughters, Aleta, Madison, and Lucia.  They currently reside in Bettendorf, Iowa.  Fisher  truly enjoys spending time with his family and participating in outdoor activities like hunting.Make sure you catch tomorrow’s fight on Pay Per View where Spencer “the King” Fisher will go head to head, toe to toe, and elbows to elbows with Caol Uno.  John Tankersley of states,“we are proud to sponsor Spencer Fisher as he is a veteran of the UFC and we are all huge fans of the UFC at CondomDepot.”  Although the majority of UFC fans are in favor of Spencer Fisher, this is going to be a fight you won’t want to miss.  Here at CondomDepot We are certainly routing for Spencer and hope to see him come out of this with another victory.

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