Erection Rings and Vibrating Rings Size Chart

Here at Condom Depot, we are dedicated to helping you find a perfectly sized erection ring or vibrating ring for either yourself or for your partner.

We’ve been receiving a lot of questions about the many different sizes of our erection and vibrating rings and we wanted to address this issue by personally measuring and recording the size of each of our ring products. Therefore, we have compiled an erection ring and vibrating ring size chart for your shopping convenience.


Finding the Right Erection Ring or Vibrating Ring Size:

To find the ideal ring size, simply measure around the base of the erect shaft with soft measuring tape or a piece of string to find the circumference of the penis. While fully erect, position the measuring tape or piece of string at the base of the shaft, where it meets the pubic bone. Without squeezing the shaft with the tape or string, gently wrap the penis once around for a girth measurement, approximately 1/4” away from the body.


Start the wrap on the underside, so it is easier to mark the tape or string when it reaches the top. Make sure the tape is laying flat and is not twisted. If using string, lay it out taught on a flat surface and compare the mark to a ruler to find the exact measurement. Use this measurement to order the same size or a slightly smaller size than the stretched circumference measurement on the size chart (listed in the far right column).

If you or your partner already has a ring that fits well and you want another one, be aware that each brand and type of ring material is unique, so some stretch way more than others and some lose their elasticity over time and become stretched out. Taking a quick measurement of the base of the shaft will be a more accurate way to reorder, as opposed to buying a new ring based solely on the size of the old ring.

You may notice some of our rings were not available for measurement, but we will update the chart as we restock our inventory. We sincerely hope this chart helps you find the right sized ring for you or your partner!

Erection Ring and Vibrating Ring Size Chart

A Complete Sizing and Buying Guide By Condom Depot


Diameter (in.)Circumference (in.)Diameter (in.)Circumference (in.)
Alchemy Metal Erection Ring Medium1.76.25N/AN/A
Alchemy Metal Erection Ring Large26.25N/AN/A
Alchemy Metal Erection Ring X-Large2.1256.75N/AN/A
Ball Spreader Erection Ring1.755.51.996.25
Black Rubber Rings Set of 3: Medium1.253.931.755.5
Black Rubber Rings Set of 3: Large1.54.711.996.25
Black Rubber Rings Set of 3: X-Large1.855.892.558
Diving Dolphin1.1253.931.755.5
Double Dolphin.51.571.54.71
Dr. Z Passion Enhancer1.1253.531.996.25
Durex Play Ring of Bliss1.253.931.755.5
Durex Play Vibrations1.253.931.755.5
Durex Play Vibrations Connect1.54.711.755.5
Durex Pleasure Ring0.8752.752.57.85
Fresh Nitrile Erection Rings (Small)1.54.711.675.25
Fresh Nitrile Erection Rings (Medium)1.755.51.996.25
Fresh Nitrile Erection Rings (Large)
Futurotic 4-Way Arouser0.51.571.755.5
LifeStyles A:Muse His & Hers1.1253.532.237
LifeStyles Vibrating Ring1.1253.531.996.25
Matrix Vibrating Erection Rings1.755.51.755.5
Super Stretch Erotic Rings0.51.572.558.0
TitanMen Stretch-to-Fit Penis Ring13.141.54.71
Triple Blaster0.51.571.996.25
Trojan Hot Spot1.1253.531.996.25
Trojan Intense Pleasure1.1253.532.558
Trojan Vibrating Multi-Speed Ring1.1253.532.558
Vibrating Johnny13.142.558
Willie Wrapper.752.361.996.25
Wireless Virtual Bunny.25.792.558

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