How-To: Correctly Measure Your Penis to Find the Perfect Condom Size

Does your condom really fit you? Learn how to correctly measure your penis to find the perfect condom size!


If you feel as though condoms aren’t for you due to comfort reasons or because they seem to strangle you or fall off at the exact wrong time, never fear. It’s all a matter of getting the proper condom size.

After all, it’s not the condom’s fault for being the right size for someone else, but not for you. Just imagine buying one-size-fits-all jeans or sneakers. What are the odds that they’ll fit you properly? Super slim, my friend. To find a condom that fits the right way, all you need to do is learn how to correctly measure your penis and you’ll get the perfect fitting condom, every time!

Different Condom Sizes


The major reason people assume all condoms will fit them, even when they are the wrong size, is due to their extremely stretchy nature. But, just because something stretches, this doesn’t mean that it will fit everyone the same way. Condoms which are too small for you are much more likely to break because they are stretched beyond their capacity. On the flip side of this coin, if the condom is too big it is likely to fall or slip off. This could possibly expose you to an STD or allow your semen to slip past the goalie.

If you are new to using condoms, my advice is to begin with a regular sized one and then move up or down in size accordingly, one step at a time. You can consult our condom size chart for measurement information.  If you are a visual learner we have a neat info-graphic available as well. There is no reason to buy a huge box of ill fitting condoms, when you can simply buy a smaller amount and waste none. And, it’s not just a comfort thing. It’s all about effectiveness and protection as well.

Measurement breakdown of different condom sizes:

• Small- 1.75″ nominal width x 6.3″ long
• Regular- 2.0″nominal width 7.9″ long
• Large- 2.12″nominal width x 7.9″ long
• Extra-Large- 2.25″nominal width x 8.1″ long

The head size of the condom is also particularly important for comfort, because the head of the penis (especially the underside) contains the most concentrated amount of nerve endings. The head size can vary greatly depending on the style and brand of the condom you choose. Some, like the Trojan Her Pleasure Ecstasy have a balloon-ish shaped tip which allows for the maximum amount of head freedom, while others like the Crown Skinless Skin have a more streamlined and tightly fitting shape. Different brands also make condoms in various thicknesses such as the Kimono MicroThin which is 0.0019” thick, versus the Beyond Seven Aloe which is 0.0024″ thick. The thickness or thinness of a condom will greatly change the amount of stretch in the condom.

How to Measure Your Penis to Find the Perfect Condom Size:

Even though most guys have measured their penis at least once in their lives out of curiosity or bragging rights, the chances are it was not a precise measurement. Taking a minute or two to get an accurate measurement is totally worth it, as it could increase your level of pleasure and protection for years to come.

Before we get started on your penis measurement process, there is an important note about your penis length measurement versus the length measurement of a condom. Please take the reservoir tip (if the condom has one) and space for ejaculate into consideration when choosing the length of condom you’d like to purchase.

Follow these 5 easy steps and you will have a much better chance of finding your perfect fit! Happy measuring!

Measurement Materials Needed:

  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Soft Measuring Tape (like the ones a tailor uses)
  • String and a Ruler (only needed if you don’t have a soft measuring tape)


  1. Gather your materials.
  2. While fully erect, position the measuring tape or piece of string at the base of your shaft, where it meets your pubic bone.
  3. Measure all the way to the end of the tip and use the pen to mark this spot on the tape or string.
  4. Without squeezing the shaft with the tape or string, gently wrap the penis once around for a girth measurement, approximately 1/4” away from the body. Start the wrap on the underside, so it is easier to mark the tape or string when it reaches the top.
  5. If using string, lay it out taught on a flat surface and compare the two marks with a ruler to find your exact measurement.

Now that you have found your perfect condom size, it’s time to learn how to use a condom.

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  1. Hey my penis is 2.4 inches hard do i have to cut the condom in half to fit me? Plz reply thx

  2. What if ur the girl getting the condom and ur don’t really know ur bfs size, and also if I get a small bc hes about 4-6 inches (vary unsure guess) what if he gets offended and feels insecure about the “small”

    • For those who are unsure of their own or their partner’s penis dimensions, it’s best to measure for condom size and then consult our Condom Size Chart. If this is not an option, you can purchase a condom sampler such as our 100 Condom Super Sampler and try a variety of condoms until you find ones that work.

      Remember, the length of the condom doesn’t matter as much as the girth (as long as the entire shaft is covered in order to prevent skin-to-skin transmission of HPV and/or HSV) because this is what keeps the condom in place. More often than not, condoms are too long. That is OK. Simply unroll it to the base and proceed with penetration. However, if the width of the condom is too loose it could slip off and if it’s too tight it could cause erectile difficulties or condom breakage.

  3. Hello Kara,
    me and my partner have a really big problem, because of my latex allergy and his large penis. The skyn king site large non latex condoms are to small. Normally he use my.size condoms wide 69. Know you a Condom which is so wide and free of latex? Please help us!

    • Hello Laura! You have two large condom options (both non-latex): 1. the FC2 female condom, which protects against both fertilization and STI transfer, is worn internally and is the widest FDA-approved condom 2. Trojan NaturaLamb condoms are almost as wide as the FC2, but only protect against pregnancy (not STIs/STDs). Thanks for reading and take care!

  4. Hi. Does the penis have to be at an angle like that or can it be perpendicular to your body when measuring length?

    • Hi! Perpendicular measurement is perfectly acceptable and will also result in an accurate measurement of penis length.

  5. Is it ok to use a large condom even if you have an average size penis?

    • You should use a condom that fits. Many manufacturers use “large, extra large,” etc. in order to create market appeal. Please visit our condom size chart to find a condom that is appropriate for your personal measurements. It may be a larger size works best for you.

  6. Its normal the length of my penis is 5.4 and the circumference in inch yes?

  7. Is it just me or do these instructions end before the punch line? So, you wrap the tape measure around to get a circumference, but what do you with that number? Circumference is obviously not the same as width but your breakdown of condom sizes refers to “nominal widths” not circumference

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