How-To Use a Female Condom (FC2)

When used correctly, female condoms are just as effective as male condoms. So, here are some instructions on how to use a female condom (FC2).



A Complete How-To Guide By Condom Depot

You may have only recently heard of female condoms, but did you know that they have actually been around for quite some time? Many people found them to be uncomfortable before the manufacturer switched from polyurethane to nitrile in 2005, which is why they are on the upswing lately. This new generation of female condoms are more comfortable and easier to use.

But many reports state that they aren’t as safe as male condoms. When used correctly, female condoms are just as effective as male condoms. So, here are some instructions on how to use a female condom (FC2).



1.Open the condom. Tear one of the notches at the end and avoid using scissors or a knife.You don’t want to damage the condom.
2. You’ll notice that there are two different rings in the female condom,  as opposed to the one on a male condom.The outer ring, which is open, goes outside of the condom. The inner ring goes inside and helps hold the condom up during intercourse.
3. Squeeze the inner, closed ring. Once the ring looks long and narrow, it’s ready to be placed inside the vagina.
4. Find a comfortable position and insert the inner, squeezed ring into your vagina.Like the first time inserting a tampon or having sex, it may take you a couple tries before you’re comfortable shoving it up there. A little lube might make things go smoother.You can use an index finger to push it up and make sure it isn’t twisted. The outer ring should remain outside of the vagina.
5. You are ready to go! When you’re ready, make sure you guide your partner into the condom.Make sure he isn’t coming in on the side or accidentally missing it in any way.
6. Clean up. When you’re finished, twist the outer ring a couple times to seal it, then pull it out gently.

Just like with male condoms, you should never flush a female condom. It can clog your toilet and it isn’t biodegradable. Wrap it in some tissue and throw it in the garbage can.



It puts women in control of the condom game.

If you’re worried your partner might try to take a condom off, now he won’t have a chance.


You don’t have to pause the fun to put one in.

If you know you’re going to have sex soon, you can just pop one in before getting down and dirty and be all prepared once your man is ready to jump your bones. They can be inserted up to eight hours before you have intercourse before they need to be changed.


Female condoms are great for lube.

Why? Well, you can use a ton, and if you and your partner prefer different types of lube, you can have one inside and a different one outside. The more lube, the better! And since they are made of nitrile, you can use oil, silicone, or water-based lubes safely.


They’re pretty comfortable and quiet.

Previous versions of the female condom were considered to be too loud and silly-sounding to keep you and your partner in the mood. But the new nitrile version has quieted it down a little bit.


They help you learn about your body.

Many women don’t know much about their own geography down there. By touching yourself while inserting the condom, you might learn a thing or two about where you like to be touched and how to do it.


They can even have an extra pleasurable sensation.

Some women report that the outside ring sometimes rubs against their clitoris during intercourse, giving them clitoral stimulation or even orgasms.


  •  Never use a male and female condom together! The friction can cause them both to break!
  • Neither male nor female condoms have been approved by the FDA for anal sex, so be careful if you are going to use either one for that reason.
  • Just like a male condom, never use a female condom more than once.


  1. I ready and understanding, bt may question is that does female condoms has no any infection

    • Some studies suggest internally worn condoms can increase the likelihood of urinary tract infections (UTI) for those folks who have a vagina. The external outer ring of non-latex material of the FC2 covers the area around the urethra. If the condom is inserted many hours beforehand it’s difficult to manipulate during multiple bathroom visits. It’s tough to carefully keep the condom intact (no fingernails) while also wiping away waste. Urination before and after sex, as well as good genital/anal region hygiene are always recommended when using FC2 condoms.

  2. I’m a boy but I still found interesting using it in my bum.

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