Top 10 Products for Fun and Fearless Fellatio

Sure, no one will pregnant from giving or getting fellatio, but did you know you can still get plenty of STDs from unprotected oral sex?

For instance, certain strains of the HPV can be passed via oral sex, developing into oral warts or cancer of the throat and mouth, even if the carrier has no symptoms. Not to mention the herpes virus, which has no cure. Neither of these viruses are tested for during routine STD testing, either.

Kinda scary, isn’t it? The good news is, fellatio doesn’t have to be a frightening ordeal. Even if you’re too old for the HPV vaccine, staying safer during fellatio doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply use these tasty treats below to steer clear of what you fear!

10. Trustex Cola Flavored Condoms


Get car-BONE-ated with cola flavored condoms!

In the mood for a soft drink? Unwrap happiness with Trustex Cola Flavored condoms! While they don’t fizz, they pack a cola flavored punch that will satisfy your craving for 20 ounces of refreshment. Enjoy!

9. Durex Play Passion Cherry Lubricant

Blow jobs are too scary? Not with a latex condom and Passion Cherry!

Blow jobs are too scary? Not with a latex condom and Passion Cherry!

Like other flavored lubes, Durex Play Passion Cherry lube is great to use in addition to a flavored condom, or with a traditional latex or non-latex condom for added flavor during fellatio. Add them inside and outside of the condom for a cherry-licious explosion of flavor. Amazingly, this lube is potent enough to cover the taste of even a strong tasting latex condom.

8. LifeStyles Flavored Condoms


Put a ‘berry on him before he buries himself in your mouth!

LifeStyles Flavored condoms come in three classic flavors: strawberry, vanilla and banana. What I love about them is the decadent, thick and incredibly long lasting lube on this condom. It beats the longevity of other flavored condoms and is one of the few flavored condoms that doesn’t necessarily need additional flavored lube in order to get the job done.

7. Trustex Vanilla Flavored Condoms


You don’t have to be vanilla in the bedroom in order to enjoy these!

If there ever was a drool-worthy flavor, it is vanilla. Trustex Vanilla Flavored condoms allow you to wrap him up like a pastry and slurp him down like a vanilla Frosty. Finish your plate and he will want to have you for dessert!

6. Fantasy Flavored Condoms


Turn your oral fantasy into a reality, safely!

Despite their low price, Fantasy Flavored condoms are a lot higher quality than you might think. Made by the same factories as the Trustex brand, Fantasy is meant to be an extremely affordable option. But, what I like about it isn’t the price, it’s the pleasant taste, the thinness and the larger size. These babies are over 8 inches in length and have a 4 inch circumference, unstretched.

5. Swiss Navy Pina Colada Lubricant

swiss-navy-flavor (1)

All I can say is, “Nom nom nom.”

If a complex flavor profile is your thing, than Swiss Navy Pina Colada Flavored lube is the best flavored lube for you. It’s water-based and comes in an incredibly easy to use and spill proof pump bottle as well, so there is no need to stop sucking in order to add more lube. Win! Plus, the flavor elements of coconut and pineapple really class up this lube. Unlike lesser quality flavored lubes, it doesn’t taste like candy– it tastes like a COCKtail. How sophisticated!

4. Trustex Strawberry Flavored Condoms

In the world of flavored condoms, it's a true classic.

In the world of flavored condoms, it’s a true classic.

Some flavored condoms can leave a less-than-stellar aftertaste. Trustex Strawberry Flavored condoms blow the competition out of the water when it comes to the lingering flavor left behind on the palate. This can be an important factor for post-fellatio kissing and general breath freshness. These strawberry condoms are sweet and, funnily enough, taste remarkably similar to Gushers fruit snacks.

3. Wet Flavored Individual Use

For the refined and mature palate, these are a must.

For the refined and mature palate, these are a must.

Wet Flavored Individual Use lube is great because it allows you to travel with bite-size, no, make that suck-size packets of delectable lubey goodness. Fellow blogger Sam prefers the always juicy watermelon flavor, while I dig the blueberry and the passion fruit punch. These realistic and delicious lubes could make it into a Chopped basket without groans from the competing chefs. The full size bottle of Wet Fun Flavors are amazing as well, if you want some for home.

2. Durex Tropical Flavored Condoms

What's your favorite tropical destination? A hot mouth!

What’s your favorite tropical destination? A hot mouth!

Durex Tropical Flavored condoms have a tart zing and almost sour zip that I absolutely love. I’ve specifically raved about the green apple flavor in the past, but the strawberry and banana aren’t bad either. They also seem thinner and to provide more sensation than any other flavored condom I’ve used.

1. Flavored Sampler MAX

That's a mouth-load of quantity!

That’s a mouth-load of quantity!

Why not get the most bang for your buck? The Flavored Sampler MAX is a fantastic way to figure out which flavored condoms work best for you. It includes a random assortment from all of the major brands on this list and only costs $17.99 for 30 of them.

Curious as to how to have safer cunnilingus and anilingus as well? Check out this article for more important information on staying safer during oral!

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