Condom Review: Trojan BareSkin Condom

The Trojan BareSkin condom is a great condom that simulates that natural feel without getting in between you and your lover.


When I took the condom out of the wrapper, I was surprised at how thin the latex felt to touch and how little is smelled of that strange latex-y odor. Unrolling it onto my partner’s penis revealed the noticeable difference in texture, thinness and color than any other standard condom. My partner even explained that the condom was so thin he could feel the heat from my fingertips as I put on the condom.


Trojan BareSkin Condoms are 40% thinner than other standard Trojan condoms, so, one thing we were worried about before getting down and dirty, was the strength of the condom. Because the latex was so thin, we were concerned that it might not hold up, despite the fact that each condom is electronically tested and meets U.S. standards for strength. But, by the end of our rigorous test, the condom was still in one piece; no rips or tears. Phew!

For my partner, he explained that the condom was extremely comfortable and was the perfect fit. It wasn’t too tight and didn’t cut off circulation ruining his erection like some standard-size condoms we’ve tried in the past. For him, this was the closest thing to wearing nothing at all. My only complaint was that the condom seemed to dry up halfway through, making it pretty uncomfortable for both my partner and I, so I would suggest adding some extra lube to keep the fun going. [Read Slippery When Wet: How To Choose Your Lubricant ]

Final Verdict:

The Trojan BareSkin Condom gets two BIG thumbs up from my partner and I. The sensitivity these condoms provide is in a category all its own, plus, they are so fairly priced we can’t complain! We’ll definitely be keeping a few of these handy in the bedside table.

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

What Condom Depot Customers are Saying

“These are the best Trojans ever!” Shimmy – New York, NY

“So far, they are incredible- extremely thin, great sensitivity, and of the five my girl and I have used, not one has broken. Overall, they are a great buy, and the closest thing to nothing I have felt yet. In fact, the last time we did the big wiggle, I pulled out before I came just to make sure it was still there!” G-Man – Atlanta, GA

“By far the best condom I have found so far. Fits snugly without choking off circulation and feels almost as if nothing is there. Never had any issues with breaks or slips. I love these things.” Alex – Potomac, MD

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