From A-Z: Favorite Sexual Slang

Here at the Condom Depot Learning Center, we participate in a whole lot of sex talk. As a lifelong lover of sexual vernacular, I say, “Bring it on!” You, our CDLC readers and Condom Depot customers, have inspired me to create an A-Z of my absolute favorite sex terms, all of which I’ve been lucky enough to use openly while […]

Reproductive Control and Abuse

Have you ever disagreed with your partner about the right time to have children? Have they ever taken it too far?

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How To Have Drunk (And Safe) Sex

We have reported before that among intoxicated college-aged women, condom use skyrockets.The belief is that these young women know that they will be making mistakes while they are drunk and have accepted the fact, so they feel less shame about taking the proper measures for their health. Hey, if that’s what it takes.

Need A New Year’s Hangover Cure? Get Some.

Cosmo lists sex as one of the top ways to relieve a hangover for men and women both. Here at Condom Depot, we try to take everything Cosmo says with a grain of salt, but we decided to look into this one to see if there was any truth to the matter.