Condom Review: Caution Wear Classic

Today, I’m going back to the classics with Caution Wear Classic.

Condom Review: Caution Wear Wild Rose

Before a drastic rebranding of this Caution Wear brand condom, they heralded the name Speed Bumps. But, up from this demise grew a new, dewy, blossoming Wild Rose from the crack of the road. Was testing these condoms a thorn in my side or did we come out smelling like a rose? Read our condom review to find out!

Condom Review: Caution Wear Black Ice

Since trying my first Caution Wear condom, I’ve been hooked on the intensely pleasurable and natural feeling sensations that they provide, and using their Black Ice condoms was extremely enjoyable!

Caution Wear: Brand History & Products

Incorporated in 2004 in the state of New Hampshire, Caution Wear’s primary business is the manufacturing and marketing of high quality male latex condoms.

Condom Review: Caution Wear Mission 707

What happened to missions 702-706? Apparently, they are far too top-secret to be shared with the world. But my partner and I went on Mission 707 together, and now that the information has been declassified, I can give you the full report: it was pretty sweet.

Condom Review: Caution Wear Grande

Because I am already a huge fan of Caution Wear condoms, I was super excited to try their new larger sized condom, the Grande.