Condom Review: Beyond Seven Aloe

There is no decibel level for the screech I gave when I opened the Beyond Seven Aloe and realized that it was bright green. Simple things for simple minds, right? But day in and out of witnessing the same, neutral, medical, beige latex, a girl kinda gets a little weary, you know?

Condom Review: LifeStyles Rainbow Colors

Colorful condoms are always the way to go, and LifeStyles Colors are some of the most vibrantly colored condoms on the market.

Condom Review: Fantasy Rainbow Colors

As a lady who loves colorful things, I LOVE these condoms. In fact, why don’t more condoms come in bright colors? The boring, old, yellow-white latex is so gross. It always makes me feel like it was something my partner found at a hardware store or got from a doctor. Thankfully, these Fantasy Rainbow Color condoms […]