Origami Condom Delayed Due to Embezzlement

The controversy over the potential release date of much anticipated pure silicone anal, male, and female condoms continues as legal battles between Origami condom inventor Daniel Resnic, his former employee, and the National Institute of Health (NIH) rages on.

Condoms 101: True/False Quiz

Uncertain about condoms? Don’t know the rudimentary facts about rubbers? Or are you secretly a seasoned condom aficionado? Find out how much you REALLY know about condoms by taking the Condom Depot Learning Center’s Condoms 101: True/False Quiz!

What do I do if I’m allergic to latex condoms?

Q: My wife is allergic to latex. How do we have safe sex?

The Complete Guide To Condom Materials

If you think regular old rubbers are the only way to go, you might be a little late-x to the condom game. We’ve already covered what to do if you have a latex allergy, so here’s a quick rundown of different condom materials and how to pick which one is best for you.