Product Review: Doc Johnson’s Nice Nuggets

Got chicken nuggets where you wish you had gold nuggets? Nice Nuggets by Doc Johnson may not turn your balls into actual gold bullion, but this male comfort lotion’ll sure make you feel like a million bucks.

Product Review: TitanMen Stretch-To-Fit Penis Ring

The TitanMen Stretch-To-Fit Penis Ring is a seamless, easy to clean, snugger fit erection ring which is made from phthalate-free TPR by Doc Johnson.

Sex and Physical Disabilities

It’s a common misconception that disabled folks have little or no sexual desire. Let’s explore this myth and how disabled folks can safely bang away to their hearts’ content.

Q: Is my condom too big or too small?

Q: My boyfriend’s endowment is below average in both length and girth. I purchased a variety pack of “snugger fit” condoms but the two different brands we’ve tried cannot roll all the way to the base of his penis and stay there…

DIY Erection Rings

Judging by the horrifying events of Singles Week, we all know how big of a fan I am of DIY projects.

Erection Rings and Vibrating Rings Size Chart

We’ve been receiving a lot of questions about the many different sizes of our erection and vibrating rings and we wanted to address this issue by personally measuring and recording the size of each of our ring products.

Our Favorite Adult Toys | Singles Week at Condom Depot

Did our previous article about treating your adult toy to a romantic evening really get to you?

How To Use a Vibrating Penis Ring

A vibrating ring is similar to an erection ring, except it has a small vibrator on it. An erection ring is used to enhance an erection and orgasm by restricting blood flow.