Line One Laboratories: Brand History & Products

Line One Laboratories, Inc is responsible for manufacturing the following brands of FDA-approved condoms, dental dams and lubricants: Trustex, Fantasy, Impulse, Trust (formerly Lixx) and Kameleon.

Condom Review: Fantasy Assorted Flavors

With so many flavored condoms to choose from in the Fantasy line of Assorted Flavors such as: banana, strawberry, mint, chocolate, grape and vanilla, it was quite hard to choose my test subject. After some careful deliberation, I decided to try out the Fantasy Grape Flavored condom for this review and frankly, I was dazzled by […]

Condom Review: Fantasy Lubricated

I’ve got to level with you here– I was not expecting very much from the Fantasy Lubricated. But boy, I was so wrong!