Oral Sex Safety Week Article Hub

OK, OK, so the highly coveted pumpkin spice–flavored condoms turned out to be a joke, but participating in oral sex without a protective barrier is no laughing matter. Therefore, in honor of our first annual #OralSexSafetyWeek, we created a one-stop shop for oral sex information– this Oral Sex Safety Week Article Hub! 

How-To: Remove Bodily Fluid Stains

You know how mom told you not to play with balls in the house, ‘cause it always makes a mess? Well, Momma knew best.

Five Positions to Spice up Eating out

Tired of the ol’ lift and lick? Need to get adventurous when you’re getting or giving cunnilingus? These five positions will heighten your pleasure, and even get you off your feet.

How-To: Improve Athleticism in Bed

Sex can be an extreme sport. So, why aren’t you preparing and training for it like it’s the physical test of strength, stamina and endurance that it is?

Going the Distance: Increasing Ejaculate

Let’s face it: people like big loads. Whether it’s being searched for on an adult video website, or it’s in real life, many really like seeing and having heaping wads of semen as a central part of their lovemaking sessions.

Increasing Fireworks in the Bedroom: Multiple Orgasms

To celebrate the upcoming Fourth of July weekend, why not increase the fireworks in your bedroom by having or giving multiple orgasms?

Last Longer with Climax Control Condoms

When guys are getting down and dirty with an ultra-sexy partner, lasting too long is not typically a problem. In fact, it is just the opposite. Since partners usually reach climax at different times during sex, it is somewhat polite (and just downright more fun) to go the extra distance to make sure your partner […]

How to Use a Dental Dam | Safer Oral Sex

Dental dams are a tool designed for safer oral sex that have increased in popularity in recent years. In this article Condom Depot covers their use, tips, and even how to make your own dental dam.

How To Use a Vibrating Penis Ring

A vibrating ring is similar to an erection ring, except it has a small vibrator on it. An erection ring is used to enhance an erection and orgasm by restricting blood flow.

Sex Positions for Men With a Small Penis

So, you or your partner isn’t very well-endowed? Seems like the end of the world, right? Well, you’re so wrong. Here are some sex positions for men with a small penis.