Condom Pack Review: Kimono Micro Thin Sheer Variety

Are Kimono’s new Micro Thin Sheer Variety packs of condoms all you need to cause sheer bliss in the bedroom? This reviewer resoundingly reveals the answer is simply, “Yes, yes, yes!”

Condom Depot Sampler Review: Kimono Sampler

Oh, oh, oh! Ki-moan-oh! I just can’t get enough of this seriously sweet Kimono Sampler from Condom Depot!

Condom Review: Kimono Textured Type-E

Like the extra fun, fraternal twin of the blasé Kimono MicroThin, the jubilant and festively green-tinted Kimono Textured Type-E clearly parties way harder than other textured condoms. How cum? Join me in the afterparty for some product-based pillow talk to find out! 

Condom Sampler Review: Japanese Condom Tin

Japan. It’s the home of the Condom Cookbook, the lovable Com-Chan plush condom, the Sex Lube Grand Athlete Meet and the world’s thinnest condom. So, should it really come as any surprise that Condom Depot’s exclusive Japanese Condom Tin is chock-full of amazing merchandise?

Our Top Ten Water-Lubricated Condoms

Splish splash! If you love the cool, refreshing feel of water-based lubes, you have plenty of condom options!

Condom Review: Kimono Rainbow Colors

This week, my partner and I chased the orgasm rainbow by testing out a Kimono Rainbow Colors condom. What were our findings, you ask? In a nutshell, this brightly colored condom straight-up rules!

Condom Review: Kimono Thin

Japanese condoms are famous for their low latex odor, stay-put width, and thin-yet-durable latex material. Over the weekend in Tampa, Florida (which is a far cry from Tokyo) I gave the Kimono Thin a go and I found that it fits right in around here.

Condom Review: Kimono MicroThin

You know a condom is amazing when you use it once and, on the very same night, your partner goes online and places a rush order delivery for a bulk pack of a hundred more. The Kimono MicroThin is this condom.

Condom Review: Kimono MicroThin Ultra Lubricated

The Kimono MicroThin Ultra Lubricated is my first Kimono condom, and I couldn’t have been happier to pop my Kimono cherry with it.

Kimono: Brand History & Products

For over 20 years, Japanese-made Kimono condoms have pleased and delighted customers with their combination of sheerness and superior dependability.