How Obesity Impacts Sex

Struggling against obesity isn’t all about dodging heart attacks and counting calories, it’s also about improving the quality and frequency of your sex life.

Cheating, the Coolidge Effect and Condoms

Legend has it that while visiting a farm with his wife, former president Calvin Coolidge unintentionally became a famous and important sex educator by revealing the root cause of cheating.

Revive Your Stale Bedroom

At long last, you are finally ready to revive your stale bedroom.

Female Sexual Dysfunction

Sex is supposed to be an awesome, pleasurable, intimate moment– not the awkward reward that sitcom wives always grant their husbands in return for new pairs of shoes. But for many women who want to have sex but can’t, sex can still be uncomfortable, even painful. This is Female Sexual Dysfunction.

Combatting Sexual Dysfunction With Your Partner

For a lot of people in long-term relationships, something peculiar starts to happen. Once your relationship with your partner stops being a novelty, you may stop humping like rabbits at every chance you get.