Condom Sales in South Korea Rise after Adultery Legalized

Earlier this year, South Korea legalized adultery, and it’s having some surprising effects– including rocketing local condom sales into the stratosphere.

Can Herpes Cause Alzheimer’s?

Can the herpes simplex virus REALLY cause Alzheimer’s disease?

Cheating, the Coolidge Effect and Condoms

Legend has it that while visiting a farm with his wife, former president Calvin Coolidge unintentionally became a famous and important sex educator by revealing the root cause of cheating.

Is Sex An Obligation To Your Partner?

Is sex an obligation? There was something of a commotion in the news just last month when a conservative talk-show host claimed that wives have an obligation to have sex with their husbands. He compared it to a man’s obligation to go to work and provide for his family.

Combatting Sexual Dysfunction With Your Partner

For a lot of people in long-term relationships, something peculiar starts to happen. Once your relationship with your partner stops being a novelty, you may stop humping like rabbits at every chance you get.