Condom Review: Durex High Sensation

When the Durex High Sensation condom first made our list of Five Best Condoms For Anal Sex after being recommended by SO MANY customers, I just had to find out what all the fuss was about.

Condom Review: Trojan Stimulations Ultra Ribbed Ecstasy

While reviewing the Trojan Stimulations Ultra-Ribbed Ecstasy, I started to get an intense feeling of deja vu.

Condom Review: Caution Wear Wild Rose

Before a drastic rebranding of this Caution Wear brand condom, they heralded the name Speed Bumps. But, up from this demise grew a new, dewy, blossoming Wild Rose from the crack of the road. Was testing these condoms a thorn in my side or did we come out smelling like a rose? Read our condom review to find out!