How Obesity Impacts Sex

Struggling against obesity isn’t all about dodging heart attacks and counting calories, it’s also about improving the quality and frequency of your sex life.

September 2014 Reader Questions

Happy autumn, readers! We’ve had some excellent questions this month dealing with all manners of sexuality, from the pill, to male masturbation, to female orgasms. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Depression and Sex Drive

While some people fall into depression due to a lack of sex, others find that being depressed decreases their sex drive, which results in them having less frequent or less enjoyable sex. Now that’s depressing.

Phimosis and Condoms

Phimosis is a medical condition in which the foreskin is unable to retract over the head of the penis, and this can make it difficult to have safer sex.

Is Sex An Obligation To Your Partner?

Is sex an obligation? There was something of a commotion in the news just last month when a conservative talk-show host claimed that wives have an obligation to have sex with their husbands. He compared it to a man’s obligation to go to work and provide for his family.

Combatting Sexual Dysfunction With Your Partner

For a lot of people in long-term relationships, something peculiar starts to happen. Once your relationship with your partner stops being a novelty, you may stop humping like rabbits at every chance you get.