Study: Protected Anal Sex Accounts for 51% of New HIV Cases

A new study has been published that reveals what we’ve all known all along: improper condom use can lead to dire consequences.

STUDY: Teen Sex And Condom Use Declines

Bad news, friends. Condom use among teens is down.

We Aren’t Having Safe Oral Sex

Do you use protection for oral sex? The overwhelming majority of people don’t.

Vasalgel Testing Encounters Minor Setback

A couple months ago, in our article about male contraception, we mentioned the Vasalgel project.  If you’ve been following the project closely, you may be excited to hear that there have been recent, exciting developments in the testing stages.

STUDY: Relationships Inform Condom Usage

A recent study found that it isn’t our personal levels of safety consciousness that affect whether or not we’re having safer sex– it’s our relationships with our partners.