Scared of Sex: When Safety Isn’t Enough

Paranoia will destroy ya. Just ask my growing sense of sexual frustration and my seriously nubby fingernails. At times, I’ve even become so scared of the possible outcomes of having sex, being safer simply isn’t enough reassurance. In turn, this sexually-induced anxiety made me turn to extended periods of intentional abstinence.

What is Syphilis?

Syphilis is a difficult disease to diagnose because it often imitates other diseases and infections.

New York’s Condom Problem: Update

In the latest, “No duh,” news, New York is reconsidering their stance on condoms, which we wrote about just under a year ago.

New York: The Syphilis State?

A huge spike in syphilis cases in New York has caused a growing concern amongst physicians. Statistics indicate that in some areas of New York syphilis is up as much as 50% from last year due to an unprecedented amount of unprotected casual sexual encounters by New York residents.