Condom Pack Review: Trojan Midnight Collection

The Trojan Midnight Collection is the whole package. Seriously. It comes with a double-sided vibrating ring, four condoms, and four samples of lubricant and I found all of them to be just what my partner and I needed.

Product Review: Doc Johnson’s Willie Wrapper

If you or your partner love masturbating with rabbit-style vibrators, and you’re looking for a way to incorporate one into your lovemaking, Doc Johnson’s Willie Wrapper is tailor-made for you.

Product Review: a:muse His & Hers Massagers

Admit it. You love those good, good, good, good vibrations! Who doesn’t?  But if you’ve ever been torn between getting your partner a new massager or being a little selfish and grabbing one for yourself, boy do we have the solution for you.

Product Review: Trojan Intense Pleasure Vibrating Ring

The Trojan Intense Pleasure Vibrating Ring is a heck of a ring to go along with its heck of a name.

Product Review: Trojan Hot Spot Vibrating Ring

The Trojan Hot Spot is a brand new product from the Trojan Vibrations line of vibrating rings. How does it compare to the rest, you ask? Read this product review to find out!

Product Review: LifeStyles Vibrating Ring

For the stretchiest vibrating ring out there, you’ll want to take a look at the LifeStyles Vibrating Ring.

Product Review: Trojan Multi-Speed Vibrating Ring

The Trojan Multi-Speed Vibrating Ring is an extremely tactile product made from the softest, most sensual and stretchiest material I have ever encountered in a vibrating ring.

Product Review: Durex Ring of Bliss

When it comes to elegant design and superb functionality, the Durex Ring of Bliss is truly the Cadillac of vibrating rings. Even the packaging is sublime!

Product Review: Durex Play Vibrations

My boyfriend and I are huge fans of vibrating rings and we’re even bigger fans of Durex’s products. So it seemed natural that we would love Durex Play Vibrations ring.

Product Review: The Vibrating Johnny

My partner and I finally caved, very eagerly, and gave CondomDepot’s Original Vibrating Johnny Vibrating Ring a go, and it seriously left my head spinning.