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Believe it or not, there is a right way and a wrong way to use condoms. If you have never been taught how to properly use this form of sexual protection, you should look at all of the condom information we have posted on this page.
You can learn, for example, how to correctly put on a condom, how much lube to ideally use with a condom, and other interesting facts. Before you begin a sexually active relationship with someone, you will need to be well versed in how to use condom protection. This will keep both you and the other party safe from unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted ailments of all kinds.

Latest Articles


New York: The Syphilis State?

A huge spike in syphilis cases in New York has caused a growing concern amongst physicians. Statistics indicate that in some areas of New York syphilis is up as much as 50% from last year due to an unprecedented amount of unprotected casual sexual encounters by New York residents.

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Undetectable Viral Load and HIV Transmission Risk

If you or someone you love lives with HIV, chances are, you’re familiar with the term, ‘viral load.’

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Condom Depot Announces Sponsorships for Bellator 117

Condom Depot would like to announce their latest sponsorships for the MMA fighters entering Bellator 117.

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Personal Lubricant Review: WET Wow

This clitoral arousal gel from WET is sure packed a whole lot of WOW. But not all of it was the WOW you’re expecting.

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Q: Why is there powder on my condom?

Q: I opened up a Trojan condom and there was powder on the inside! What the hell is it? Is my condom defective?

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Learning Center Articles


Nonoxynol-9 May Contribute To STD Infections

A frequently used spermicidal gel found in many condoms can cause irritation when the user is engaging in anal sex, according to the World Health Organization.

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Female Condom Instructions

Here are instructions on how to use a female condom.

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What’s Up With Sex Flush?

One part of the human sexual response cycle is called sex flush. Noticing the color of your partner’s skin before, during and after sex is the best way to know if they get sex flush or not.

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Blow White and the 7 STDs…You Can Catch From Oral Sex (NSFW)

Hi ho! Oh no. It’s to the clinic we go. Despite our sex smarts, it’s amazing how many of us are still completely unaware of the major risks unprotected oral sex. Here is a list of 7 STDs you can catch from oral sex.

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Condoms: The Valentine’s Gift That Keeps On Giving

Although buying condoms for your lover as a Valentine’s gift may not be the first idea you come up with this year, condoms and condom accessories can certainly be the most pleasure inducing gift you can get for you and your partner.

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10 Ways To Describe “Making Out” And The History Behind Them

We have 10 ways to describe “making out” and the history behind each.  Anyone up for a snog and a smooch?

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Q: Safer sex for transgender women?

Q: Last week, I saw that you covered safe sex for trans men. But what about trans women? What can we do to stay healthy?

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Travel Condoms- Preparing for International Visits

Due largely to the legal drinking age being 18 instead of 21 in other nations, the top Spring Break destinations of 2014 are international ones. So what’s the simplest way to stay safer while humping your way across the globe? By bringing your own travel condoms from home, of course!

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3 Ways on How NOT to Arrange a 3-Way

Threesomes are on a lot of people’s bucket lists, but there is a certain way to approach your partner or casual friends with a ménage à trois.  Here’s 3 things you should avoid.

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