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STD and STI Article Hub

April fooled into unsafe sex? Wondering what you’re up against? Never fear, for all the vital information you need is right here. Introducing The Condom Depot Learning Center’s brand spanking new, all-inclusive STD and STI Article Hub!

What are STDs and STIs?

Sexually transmitted diseases and infections are some of the biggest risks that come with unprotected sex. But what are they exactly? The Condom Depot Learning Center is going back to basics to talk about STDs and STIs.

New Relationships: What to Do While Waiting for STD Results

When you’re starting a new sexual relationship, and waiting for STD test results to come back, it can be hard to keep your cool.

Spermicide May Contribute To STD Infections

We’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about the negative effects of spermicide and thought we’d publish a brief reminder on the topic.

Got STDs? There’s an App For That.

That’s right, worrywarts and hypochondriacs. There’s an app for that weird bump or rash you got after unprotected sex.

New Evidence Suggests Lyme Disease is a STD

A study presented in 2014 by The Journal of Investigative Medicine suggests that Lyme disease can be transmitted sexually.

Disclosing STDs: Before and After

Disclosing or hearing a disclosure about STDs can be a really emotional ordeal. But, this should never be an excuse to avoid this very important conversation. So, what can be done to make this announcement a little easier for everyone involved?

The Trick to Avoiding Trichomoniasis (Trich)- A Parasitic STD

Most of us already know how to steer clear of sexually transmitted bacteria and viruses, but what about protecting your genitals from becoming infested with thousands of parasites? You may joke about having ants in your pants but trichomoniasis, a.k.a. trich, is all too real.

Is Nongonococcal Urethritis (NGU) an STD?

Unlike most infections which can attack the bodies of either men or women, Nongonococcal Urethritis, or NGU, is an affliction which primarily affects men.

The 7 STDs You Can Catch From Oral Sex

Hi ho! Oh no. It’s to the clinic we go. Despite our sex smarts, it’s amazing how many of us are still completely unaware of the major risks unprotected oral sex. Here is a list of 7 STDs you can catch from oral sex.